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Thank you for visiting my website. Please bear with me, as it is currently under construction.

Who Am I

I am Philip Pavlick. Some peeps online know me by my screen name, swashberry. I’m a hobbyist programmer who occasionally pretends to be a writer, and like many of my peers I aspire to work in the video games industry.

I’m a big believer in free software, and most of my personal work has been made available for peer review on my GitHub.

With time you’ll find a proper portfolio of my work here, but as I said this website is currently under construction. In the meantime, you can find my GitHub here and a backup of my best stuff at SourceHut here.

This is a pretty sparse website

Yup. The website is currently running on GitHub Pages using a theme I wrote myself. I thought about using a more professional-looking theme, but none of them looked quite right.

One of the problems I had was that none of them seemed really well-suited to showing off a portfolio of one’s work. I think the idea is that you would just link back to your GitHub and people would browse through that, which makes sense but I think one of the important things about showing off your work is discussing your process of making it, and what you learned from it, as opposed to just “here’s a repository, just read the commit messages.”

Another problem is that none of the themes available felt authentically like something I would make, and I think it’s important that the website reflect the kind of person I am.

With that in mind, I set about making a theme myself that looks like a programmer’s website. I’m not super educated on web design, so I tried to make it functional and easy to navigate. It was also important to me that it be a website I can easily make by typing in code by hand, since that’s how I’m used to working. Everything you’re seeing on this website is stuff I wrote with vim on my computer terminal (except the images, obviously).

Can I look at your web code?

Yes. It’s currently on my GitHub under the title Untitled Pages Theme and it’s available in the public domain. If you like it you can take it, tinker with it and make it your own, and use it for anything you’d like. I’m not claiming this is the best web code ever, because this isn’t really my thing, but nevertheless I did try to make something that people could easily expand on, so go bananas.

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Nothing's worth doing that's not worth doing right.

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